2018 APA National Conference Student Assistance Scholarship Application
The purpose of the National Capital Chapter Student Conference Assistance Program is to financially assist students studying urban, rural, or regional planning or a related field who wish to attend the APA National Planning Conference.

Geographic Region:
The National Capital Chapter's geographic area is the District of Columbia and Montgomery and Prince George’s County, Maryland. Students studying planning or a related field within these geographic areas are eligible to apply.

Related Fields:
Fields related to urban planning including geography, public administration, urban policy or urban studies, environmental science or environmental planning, architecture, community planning or community development, landscape architecture, sustainability, etc.

Up to $500 is allocated per student. Up to three students will be funded.

Applications must be submitted by Friday, March 16, 2018 at midnight EST.

To apply, the complete the form below and click "submit". As part of the form below, you will be required to complete the following:

Short Essay 1: Provide a 200 word maximum description of why you want to practice planning.
Short Essay 2: Provide a 200 word maximum description of what you want to achieve by attending the APA National Conference.
Short Essay 3: Provide a general budget of estimated conference costs.

Required Follow-up:
Selected scholarship recipients will be notified by Friday, March 23, 2018. The awarded scholarship is to be used for lodging and travel-related expenses for this year’s conference in New Orleans. Upon return, students must (1) provide an itemized invoice and corresponding receipts for reimbursement, (2) a brief written summary of their conference experience, and (3) either a transcript or a verification letter from faculty as proof of registration in a planning-related program. The summary and school verification are required prior to the reimbursement.

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School of Current Enrollment
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Graduation Date
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Are you presenting at this year's conference? (includes poster session)
If yes, please describe the topic of your presentation or topic.
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Essay 1: Provide a 200 word maximum description of why you want to practice in the field of urban planning.
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Essay 2: Provide a 200 word maximum description of what you hope to achieve from attending the 2018 APA National Conference in New Orleans.
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Essay 3: Estimated Conference-related Expenses, i.e. Transportation, Hotel, Per Diem (Reminder: A student cannot claim conference registration for this scholarship)
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I hereby certify that the above and any attached information is true and correct. (Initial and Date)
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