CloudMile萬里雲港澳見面會(@2018 Google Cloud Summit HK ); Have an exclusive appointment with CloudMile @2018 Google Cloud Summit HK
活動名稱(Event): 2018 Google Cloud Summit HK
活動日期(Date): 2018/10/10 (Wed)
活動地點(Venue): 嘉里酒店(香港紅磡灣紅鸞道38號); Kerry Hotel(38 Hung Luen Road, Hung Hom Bay, Kowloon, HK)

註冊方式(How to register): 填好以下表格,就可以獲得CloudMile萬里雲獨家活動邀請函。活動現場嚟我哋嘅攤位,完成實體諮詢表格之後,就機會將Google相關精美好禮帶翻屋企,限額100名,報名從速。 Please help to fill out the information of the below questions and you will receive the exclusive invitation from CloudMile. After finishing the consultation form on our booth, you could have the lucky draw and bring back the special gift of Google merchadise for FREE! Limited quantities available, don't hesitate!

作為Google Cloud Premier Partner,亞洲雲端服務商CloudMile萬里雲致力於提供最完整同專業嘅服務。面對企業上雲同導入人工智能嘅需求日益漸增,立足亞太區嘅GCP同人工智能夠整合諮詢專家-CloudMile透過成為2018 Google Cloud Summit HK嘅頂級白金級贊助商,希望可以協助粵港澳大灣區嘅朋友打造最佳嘅解決方案!誠摯邀請大家參與當日嘅盛會,拜訪CloudMile嘅攤位,等我哋的專家為您提供面對面諮詢,第一線解決您嘅商業痛點!

Being the Premier Partner of Google Cloud, the reputable cloud computing & AI cmpany-CloudMile aims to help enterprises in APAC region by leveraging the power of data through machine learning and big data analytics on GCP. As the Platinum Sponsor of 2018 Google Cloud Summit HK, CloudMile dedicates to tackle your issue for deploying your business on cloud and further applying AI service; thus, we're more than pleased to invite you join the epic event with us! In order to fix the pain points of your business, CloudMile cordially invite you to visit our booth in 2018 Google Cloud Summit HK and have our professional to provide you with the tailored services.

備註:除左填寫下表(此為參與CloudMile抽獎用),都請務必完成於Google Cloud Summit HK 2018官方頁面嘅註冊,以確保您可以喺活動當天入場參觀。

Note: Except filling out this form (for entering the lucky draw of CloudMile), please do remember that you have to finish the registration on the event page of Google Cloud Summit in order to visit the event:

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