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Inshala takes great care in offering a welcoming and safe space for all attendees to freely express themselves. This includes the children. In moving forward into Inshala 11, we are continuing our open dialogue with parents and the community regarding us all taking responsibility in ensuring that the children are in great hands. With this, It is VERY important that as a parent you know where your children are AT ALL TIMES!

There are areas within the park that require adult supervision which include: the river, open forest and camping areas. In addition, we ask parents to explain the importance of the sensitive areas which include the: stages, art installations and labyrinth which are NOT play areas.

As a parent or guardian of your child(ren), we are requesting that you have this conversation with your child. Please communicate the intentions of each space within the festival. Some of the spaces and art are fragile with an enormous amount of work that goes into their creation. Not all spaces are intended as a playground. We need to ensure that all of us are in the support of the well being of all aspects of the festival.

** It is important that the children understand how to treat the art, quiet spaces and decorations with care and respect. We thank you for taking part in this education with your children, as we all contribute to care of each other and the festival <3
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