EFC-SFV Taiwan Missions 2022 - Jesus' Power
聖谷台福基督教會 2022年台灣短宣兒童夏令營  主題:耶穌的大能

Welcome & Singing - Start off the day by welcoming the kids, introducing the day's bible point, and getting them ready to worship God through songs.
歡迎&詩歌讚美 - 歡迎所有參加的大小朋友,介紹解釋當天聖經的要義,藉著詩歌讃美帶領所有參與者進入敬拜耶穌的氛圍。

Skit Introduction - Explain the day's bible point, introduce the characters in the skit and what will happen.
短劇介紹 - 介紹,講解短劇的故事內容,人物介紹,及故事人物有關的聖經要點

Skit  - Bring to life the day's bible point through fun skits, exciting stories, and deep questions.
短劇 - 透過短劇的趣味性,啟發性帶出生活性的聖經重點教導,藉最後的問題與解答帶來更深度的體會與領悟

Arts & Crafts - Help the kids make fun toys to get them thinking about Jesus' power.
美術勞作 - 幫助小朋友完成有關當天聖經故事重點的勞作ㄒㄧ

Games & Activities - Work with the local Taiwanese volunteers to put together games that help them understand Jesus' Power.
遊戲活動 - 與台灣當地的同工合作,搭配,藉遊戲活動幫助小朋友認識,領悟什麼是耶穌的大能

Tech - Make the entire day run smoothly for all the volunteers by helping with the Zoom meeting, managing the camera, etc..
技術合作 - 透過ZOOM與台灣當地同工同心禱告,密切搭配,叫每天的程序皆能有主的保守與祝福,順利進行。

Logistics - Support all the volunteers by coordinating tasks, getting materials, etc..
後勤支援 - 在目標,作業的協調,材料的準備,供給上,盡全力支援台灣當地的同工

Arts & Decoration - Help the skit volunteers with making props and decorations for the stage.
藝術&佈景 - 與同工一起設計,安排,布置需要的舞台場景

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