Request a Signed Copy of Isla Emerged, Secrets Submerged, and/or Currents Converged.
Enter the information below to pre-order your signed paperback copies. Isla Emerged is $13.99 per copy plus shipping, and Secrets Submerged is $11.99 plus shipping; Currents Converged is $16.99 per copy plus shipping. I can take payment through Paypal and Venmo. After you submit the form, I'll send you an invoice. Payment must be made within three days of receiving the invoice.

Please be aware I am currently on vacation and am collecting orders to be fulfilled when I return home at the end of July. Orders will be sent out at end of July/beginning of August. Thank you for your orders and patience!

Note: For international shipping, due to shipping costs, I am unable to send signed copies. However, please contact me at if you would like a signed bookplate!

(The Lost Love Anthology is currently unavailable.)
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After filling out this form, an invoice will be sent to the email you've provided. Payments must be made within three (3) days of receiving the invoice.

Once the invoice has been paid, I will pack up and ship your order. A tracking number will be provided once I have it.
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