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We are so glad you're here. Welcome to grlpwrprojects - a collaborative of city-based collectives, conferences + creative resources for women seeking community. Our city collectives serve as curated spaces for women seeking community - where women come to network, collaborate, get inspired + share their story.

Currently, we have full-time collectives in Pittsburgh (@grlpwrpgh), Cleveland (@grlpwrcle) and Philadelphia (@grlpwr_phl) - with Chicago (@grlpwrchi) launching this spring. We are so excited to EXPAND our network of city collectives, bringing you the opportunity to lead YOUR own grlpwr collective in YOUR city.

So - what all does that entail? Simple! You love what grlpwrprojects is and stands for, so you want to bring it to your city to host events and workshops, body-positive photo shoots, develop collaborative partnerships + more for the women in your city who are craving a community of like-minded gals. grlpwrprojects will ensure you are provided with the best resources, connections and tools to make your collective succeed - and your events look gorgeous.

Women who apply for a City Team Role are dedicated to supporting women in both their personal and professional lives, passionate about building community, open for collaboration and partnership opportunities, determined to create intimate and intentional events for women to connect and excited about hosting events.

With a grlpwrprojects City Team Role, you will spread the word on any and all thangs grlpwrprojects + your city collective - both via social media and IRL. This includes sharing grlpwrprojects related content that relates to your city collective on various social platforms, along with highlighting your role as a member of the team. You will have a MAJOR say in how your grlpwrprojects city collective looks - between event planning and coordinating with a team of ambassadors, you have the opportunity to be as creative as you want. So let's make some magic! As we continue to grow grlpwrprojects, our team will relay on your feedback and dedication to your city to help in the expansion of grlpwrprojects in your area.

The Social Media Assistant will be responsible for helping to grow the grlpwrprojects online presence. You will work directly with our grlpwrprojects Social Media + Branding team to oversee content across all platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group), brainstorm ideas for content and social media campaigns depending on that month's theme, source creative content to post on social media, source user generated content + content provided by the Social Media + Branding team, post live coverage from events in your city to Instagram stories + engage with our followers on social media. This role is critical to the success of grlpwrprojects in your city - applicants must be comfortable with hanging on the 'gram. The Social Media Assistant will report to grlpwrprojects Founder + CEO (Amanda) and her Social Media + Branding team based in Pittsburgh. This role will consist of 2-4 hours of work per week.

- attend a minimum of one event per quarter in your city
- attend a required team meeting once a month with our founder + all city team members + ambassadors
- attend a required meetup once a quarter for all city team members + ambassadors
- promote and represent grlpwrprojects, our brand and your collective in a positive light
- abide by our branding messages, verbiage and values
- create a judgement free, safe space for women in your city to meet other women + share their stories

If this all sounds up your alley, we look forward to having you fill out the application below. All applicants will be informed of acceptance within 7-10 business days of submission. We will then work with you directly on building your team + scheduling when to launch your collective. Questions? Please email with the subject 'Social Media Assistant Question - [your city]'. Let's make some magic!
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