Is it time to update the lectionary?
The lectionary does not reflect modern society, says this Catholic.

"Although some Mass parts and prayers have been revised, theologians, scriptural scholars, laity, and clergy alike have been arguing for years that the lectionary needs updating to be more gender inclusive," says writer Jean Kelly.

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1. The lectionary needs to be updated.
2. I feel lectionary readings do not represent the church today.
3. The lectionary readings should be more inclusive of women.
4. I worry about the lack of scripture stories about women included in the lectionary.
5. I consult the lectionary for my personal scripture study.
6. I spend time with scripture regularly.
7. My only experience with scripture is through the readings at Mass.
8. My only experience with scripture is through the daily readings in the lectionary.
9. I think most Catholics only hear or read scripture at Mass.
10. I am familiar with Bible stories not included in the lectionary.
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