E-Badge Classroom Management Certification Form
By submitting this form to connie@hgresa.org, I certify that I have completed the following: 1) Attended (face to face or online) all three Classroom Management Sessions conducted by Dr. Steve Miletto. 2) Used the notes and information from the 3 sessions and sent Dr. Steve Miletto via smiletto@hgresa.org, a PowerPoint or podcast on what I had learned from the sessions and how I will apply these into my daily teaching practices. 3) Read Dr. Harry Wong's book on Classroom Management, and I have discussed what I have learned with a preservice, new, or 1 to 5 years of experience teacher. (Learn something. Share something.) 4) Completed the Event Feedback Form located on the HGRESA home page or on the HGRESA Professional Learning site. 5) Completed the certification form, attached documentation of the 5 completed requirements above, and submitted Google Certification Form. Files can be uploaded on the Google Form. If you have problems, just email documentation to connie@hgresa.org.
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