Coronavirus information for the Reading Deaf Community
We want to know what information linked to Coronavirus you want. We are working with Reading Borough Council to produce BSL/ENG translation videos of council information and we need your help.
These are the topics we can possibly make into BSL videos
- Hardship Funds (what financial provisions do the council have in place for residents e.g. food banks, council tax extensions)
- Benefits (how benefits are being affected by coronavirus e.g. Universal Credit)
- Employment (e.g. issues linked to self-employements, services available for small businesses)
- Education (e.g. school placements)
- Health (e.g. accessing local health services like the GP)
- Environmental Services (e.g. rubbish bin collections, recycling centres)
Choose the three most important topics *
Hardship Funds
Environmental Services
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Do you have any other comments? Please type below or send a BSL video to or 07704 687298
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