Prairie Hollow Survey
Codes and Covenants

The Codes and Covenants cannot be changed unless 75% of the community votes in favor of any proposed changes. It is imperative that the community provides input on the matters listed below. No further action can take place unless it is certain that 75% of the community will vote in favor of the proposed changes.

this Declaration may be amended only by the affirmative vote
or written consent, or any combination thereof, of voting Members representing at least seventy five percent (75%) of the Members entitled to vote thereon. Any amendment to be effective must
be recorded in the public records of the County in which this Declaration was recorded.
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(c) Quorum and Adjournments. The presence in person or by proxy of the Voting Members constituting the representation of a majority of the total votes shall constitutes a quorum. Unless otherwise expressly provided herein, any action may be taken at any meeting of the Voting Members at which a quorum is present upon the affirmative vote of the Voting Members having a majority of the total votes present at such meeting. Any meeting of the Voting Members, including both annual and special meetings and any adjournments thereof, may be adjourned to a later date without notice other than announcement at the meeting even though less than a quorum is present. *
Do you feel it would be beneficial to have the quorum lowered? What do you feel the quorum should be?
Section 7.9 Garbage Cans, Tanks, Etc. No storage tanks of any kind shall be allowed upon a Lot. No rubbish, trash or garbage containers shall be stored or maintained outdoors except for such temporary storage necessary for immediate pick up of the trash and, in that event, trash shall be stored in appropriate containers. *
The Board has discussed this matter and they would like to propose that "Garbage cans- May be placed on the side of the house not within 5 ft of the front. Trash cans are NOT allowed to be in the front of the house. They may be put curbside the night before trash collection but must be returned to the house by the end of the day on collection day." As a homeowner, do you agree with this proposed amendment?
Section 7.11 Storage Sheds and Temporary Structures. Except as may be utilized byDeveloper during the Development Period, no tent, shack, trailer, storage shed, mini-barn or other similar detached structure shall be placed upon a Lot or the Common Areas.Notwithstanding the above, party tents or similar temporary structures may be erected for special events with prior written approval of the Committee or the Developer and children's overnight camping tents will be allowed as long as they are not up longer than forty-eight (48) hours. *
As it is currently stated, sheds are not allowed in the community. The Board would like to propose that "with approval and proper maintenance sheds will be allowed." Do you agree with this statement?
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