Registration to: Minicourse on Bioinstrumentation
From 18th to 22th June at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Tržaška 25.
Lectures will be given by prof. Pedro Bertemes Filho. More info at

The minicourse will be on bioinstrumentation but especially focused to the bioimpedance field. The minicourse is open to all students (domestic and foreign) that are interested in biomedical instrumentation. No special foreknowledge is needed. There will be no exam at the end of the lectures.

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Course description
DAY 1 - Bioinstrumentation basics; Bioimpedance basics;
DAY 2 - Bioimpedance meters: hardware; Bio-spectrometers hardware;
DAY 3 - Multi-channel Systems; Micro-bioimpedance meters;
DAY 4 - Bioimpedance Probes; Temperature and Pressure Effects;
DAY 5 - New Trends on Bioimpedance; Design Guide Lines.
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