BHR HRDs: Database Inputting Form
Business and Human Rights Resource Centre's database of attacks (available at: compiles cases of Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), working in the area of business & human rights, who/which were attacked.

Please share with us any incident of attack on a HRD or on a CSO which:
• HRD/CSO was clearly targeted by a company, or a government in collusion with a company;
• HRD / CSO was raising concerns about a company and was allegedly attacked in relation to it;
• HRD / CSO was working against abuses in a sector and was attacked because of their work;
• Don’t use violence when making their demands;
• Won't pose a security risk for a defender, if shared in the public domain.

Your contribution will be acknowledged in the "Sources of information" section, unless you prefer we don't say so! Feel free to get in touch or send any additional documents you may want to share to
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