E-Summit 2019 - Inaugural Talk by Harishankaran K (Founder, Hackerrank)
Mr. Harishankaran K is the Co-founder and CTO of Hackerrank, the largest coder community platform of its kind and has been since its beginnings in 2009. Formerly of IBM fame, he built Hackerrank as a resource platform for coders before pivoting it to a technical skill assessment platform. He, with his co-founder Vivek were the first Indian co-founders to graduate from Y Combinator, the startup seed accelerator.

He was also selected for the Google Summer of Code under the Firefox organisation and worked in Novell, Bangalore under the Novel Open Source Internship Program (NOSIP), building products for both. With an active presence on LinkedIn and social media, he represents a new wave of entrepreneurs who offer glimpses into the startup world.thrpugh the eyes of a tech startup founder.

Register for his talk at 5 PM in Barn Hall on 15 February.
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