Sammamish Day Camp 2018
Thank you for coming to Sammamish Day Camp. Our goal is to always improve, so we appreciate your feedback!
How satisfied was your child with camp overall?
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Very much
If your child was a camper, how happy was she with the set up of her unit and planning by her PAs?
Could improve
Very Happy
If your child was a PA, how happy was she with the accessibility to planning and tools provided to set up her unit?
Could improve
Very happy
How happy was your child with the stations (daily activities)?
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Very happy
How did your camper feel about each day?
Could be better
What was your child's favorite part of camp (please tell us if your child is a camper or PA)
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We are considering cancelling the planned snack because of rising numbers of allergies. Would you be willing to pack a snack for your child as well as her lunch?
How happy were you with the communication from Camp?
Needs improvement
Very Happy
How easy was the website to navigate and find answers to your questions?
Needs improvment
Very Happy
If you were a volunteer, please tell us about your experience (please include how many days you volunteered).
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Is there anything else you would like us to think about in planning future camps?
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