Getting To Know You
(or: Event questionnaire for the Prime Produce Apprentice Cooperative)

Hi! Our co-op board has a weekly meeting to review event proposals and opportunities - we meet every Tuesday afternoon.

If you're interested in hosting an event with us, please fill the questionnaire linked below, and we'll get back to you after our meetings!

Section 1/6: Intro
Hello! Prime Produce is a guild for social good, a cooperative where we practice the craft of intentionally serving others through our work. Our co-op board has a weekly meeting every Tuesday morning to review event proposals and opportunities. If you'd like to propose an event for consideration, please share your intentions as well as some logistical details by filling out the below questionnaire. Your answers will also help us understand you and host you in a deep, slow way!

Thank you for reaching out.

Photo: Pre Packaged Dinner Salons, co-hosted by miLES, COFFEED, and Prime Produce
Section 2/6: Hello, Hi, Intro Questions
Are you one of the people personally hosting this event -- responsible for the logistics, concept, and people participating in the event? *
Hello - what’s your name? *
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What's your email? *
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What’s the title of your event? *
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Describe the flavor of your event. If your event was a food or dish, what kind of dish do you think would it be? Chicken soup? Fried dumplings? Sour-sweet Massaman curry? Kale salad? Maple syrup? *
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How did you hear about us? *
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Are there members of the Prime Produce cooperative who have agreed to host this event? If so, who are they? *
What is your budget for the event? *
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What type of organization or company are you? *
Are you a not-for-profit, collective, or lone event organizer seeking a grant? If so, please click yes and next to learn how we think of rental discounts and grants. *
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