BAWMN Mentoring Program
To expand our networking and mentoring reach, the BAWMN is launching a semi-formal mentoring network for interested parties. Our mentoring program is designed to connect groups of women (or "circles") in biological anthropology, who hold similar professional interests (e.g., paleoanthropology) and goals (e.g., working toward promotion). To date, the BAWMN has primarily functioned as a source of networking through happy hour and themed-luncheon events. Our goal with this program is to foster interaction beyond and outside of the annual meetings, connecting individuals through virtual mentoring opportunities.

Group mentoring has been used by several members of the BAWMN steering committee and was selected over traditional mentor-mentee pairs because: 1) no single mentor can fulfill all the needs of a mentee, 2) all members have equal power and investment in the relationship, and 3) all members (regardless of rank) can mutually benefit from these mentoring relationships.

The BAWMN will not select members of circles but instead, from this survey, create a database of interested professional women in bioanth. Once the database is complete, we will reach out to you with further details for forming your mentoring circle, (if you are attending) opportunities to meet at the upcoming 2019 AAPA meetings, and general guidelines for holding virtual mentoring meetings.

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