CEF Board Member Application
Thank you for your interest in serving on the Camas Educational Foundation Board. We are 15 members strong, raising funds for extraordinary learning opportunities for every student in the Camas School District. Our organization funds programs & experiences that enhance the educational experiences that positively impact the lives of each student, from Kindergarten through 12th Grade.

Board Member Term of Service: 3 years

The Board meets the second Thursday each month from September through June. All Board members are expected to attend least eight meetings and serve on one committee. Board members can expect to volunteer and average of 4-8 hours each month.

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What is your connection to the Camas School District? (If you have children in the Camas School District, please list the grade level of your children and which schools they are attending.)
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Please tell us how you know about CEF and detail any events you have attended or areas where you or your children have been involved with CEF.
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Please tell us why CEF is important to you.
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Please describe your professional background.
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Please describe past volunteer experiences. Please list any leadership roles where you have served in a volunteer capacity.
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Please describe your unique skills and talents that you would bring to the CEF Board.
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All CEF Board Members are asked to serve a 3-year term, volunteer on a CEF committee and be available to attend and volunteer at CEF events. Is this a commitment you can fulfill?
Being a CEF Board Member has great responsibility & an even greater reward!
CEF Board members are expected to contribute to the organization in the following ways:
• Regularly attend Board meetings (once a month)
• Demonstrate support for CEF by promoting its good work, generating goodwill for the organization, encouraging support for its efforts, and keeping informed about its programs and activities
• Contribute knowledge and skills in at least one CEF Committee (Governance, Marketing, Special Event, Grants)
• Help promote CEF visibility and advocate for its programs
• Help develop CEF financial or other resources
• Participate in reviewing strategic plans and setting long-term priorities
• Participate in reviewing and approving an annual budget for the organization and reviewing its
revenues and expenses on a quarterly basis to ensure that the CEF mission is being upheld and its finances managed in a sound and ethical manner
• Participate in CEF events: this includes the annual auction in addition to fundraising and programmatic events
• Help CEF grow its outreach in the Camas community
• Set procedures and policies to ensure that the corporation is organized and managed in an
accountable, fair and systematic manner and in compliance with applicable law

Individual CEF Board performance is regularly evaluated using the following criteria:
1. Attend at least 80 percent of Board meetings each year in person
2. Act on behalf of the corporation and its interests, putting aside personal concerns, affiliations or constituencies
3. Serve on at least one Board committee
4. Make an annual personal financial contribution to CEF
5. Help staff to promote good work and visibility, introducing the organization to new communities, corporate sponsors, foundations, media and helpful individuals and potential partners
6. Contribute expertise in particular areas of nonprofit management, governance, finance,
membership, or other areas that advance CEF’s mission and vision.

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