Nashville Favorite Places Survey
We are studying the social life of downtown Nashville's public spaces to make them more inviting for people from all over the city to spend time. We are interested in learning lessons from the places people already spend time – even places close to home or that may not be important to others or well known.

Taking this quick survey will help us make recommendations to the City of Nashville.

What is your favorite place in Nashville?
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This place is special to me because...
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How do you get there?
How often do you visit?
When I'm at my Favorite Place I feel...
What do you do when you go there?
Who do you visit your Favorite Place with?
Do you meet up at your Favorite Place with people you know?
How many people are usually in your group when you visit?
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Have you talked to new people at your Favorite Place?
If Yes – What brought about your interaction with them?
If Yes – Have you seen them outside of your favorite place?
What is your home Zip Code?
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What is the street intersection closest to where you live?
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How old are you?
What is your Gender?
What is your household income?
What is your race and/or ethnicity?
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