Recommendation Form for the Bachelor of Science in Education Program
Professional recommendations may not come from personal friends, relatives, or social acquaintances.
Your honest and reflective feedback will help us evaluate this applicant for the Teacher Education Program.
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Professional Dispositions
Rate the following behaviors that the student exhibits when working with students, families, colleagues, and
communities in ways that reflect the dispositions expected of professional educators as outlined by the professional, state and institutional standards.
Some of the time
Most of the time
Displays confidence without being self-absorbed or swayed by other individuals (peer-pressure)
Assigns blame to others when things go wrong.
Will take a stand on what he/she thinks, even if it goes against what others may think.
Takes responsibility for his/her mistakes rather than blaming others or making excuses.
Is not derailed or defensive about constructive criticism; rather, he/she uses it to as a means of improvement and is appreciative of honest feedback.
Practices civility in face-to-face and/or online class sessions.
Demonstrates verbal, written, and spoken skills appropriate for upper- level college course work.
Demonstrates a pattern of turning assignments in on time
Observes established class hours by exhibiting regular attendance and punctuality
Demonstrates respect for peers and instructors in all forms of communication (verbal, written, and electronic).
What are some strengths evidenced by this applicant that may enhance his/her progress in this program? *
What are some patterns of behavior evidenced by this applicant that may impede his/her progress in this program? *
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