Tiki Oasis Volunteer Positions!

We are so thrilled you are interested in volunteering at Tiki Oasis in exchange for a ticket to the Thursday-Saturday event ($120 value)!

As of April 24th we can NOT guarentee that you will get to be a volunteer. You are welcome to sign up here in case something opens up!


Please note that we have made some changes to our volunteer program this year. Shifts are now 6-8 hours long (don't worry, you'll get a break). If you have physical limitations please take those into consideration as you choose which area you would like to volunteer in.

Filling out this survey does NOT guarantee that you will get a volunteer position. If you have already purchased tickets to the event and end up volunteering you will be fully refunded.

Take a few minutes to fill out the below survey. We want to get a better understanding of your skills and how you would like to get involved in the event. YES you need to fill out this form EACH year - this shows us you are interested in this years event!

We receive more requests to volunteer than we have volunteer shifts to offer so not everyone will be able to volunteer

Note that volunteers who fail to show up for their volunteer shift - forfeit the right to volunteer again in the future and we will hunt you down and cut off your wristband!

Being a volunteer in past years does not guarantee that you will automatically get a volunteer shift this year.

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