Application form for Nes Artist Residency
In order to complete your application at Nes, please send us an additional email

In ONE PDF document:
A copy of your CV
Letter of intent (including a product description 500 word max)
Link to webpage/examples of work

With the Subject Line
“Application – Your full name – months preferred”
(example: Application – John Jónsson – March April May 2014 )



We are currently reviewing applications on a rolling basis, our average response rate is 2 - 4 Weeks.

Full Name *
First then Last Name (ie- John Smith)
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How many months would you like to stay at Nes? *
We recommend residencies of 2 or more months. Longer residencies hold benefits when artists commit to constructing substantial and articulate work and or research, or wish to develop over time a connection to the Icelandic arts or the community.  However we will consider some 1 month residencies. Please note our residencies start on the first week day of the month and end on the last day of your residency month.
Please indicate type of housing and studio space required, if you are a scholarship awardee from Manitoba Arts Council or Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop please select N/A. *
Name of family member staying at residency (if applicable)
Partner/ children (and age)
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Home Address *
Include all details for your postal address - street, state, country, post codes.
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If applying as an artist couple or duo please provide the email address of the second artist.
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Emergency Contact *
Name, nationality, telephone and email of who you want us to contact in the case of an emergency.
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What are your preferred months? *
Select from the list each month that you wish to stay ie, if two months select April 2017 and May 2017. If the months you prefer are not listed you can state them in 'other' and we can consider you if we have any cancellations or reschedules for those months. Please note that June 2018 is not available and has been reserved for our 10 year celebrations. If you are a scholarship awardee from Manitoba Arts Council or Künstlerhaus Lukas, please state the month in 'other'. If the month/s are not showing this means we have no available places, however, if you wish to be considered and placed on a waiting list then state the month/s desired in 'Other'. If you are responding to an advertised last minute call select that button.
Media *
Check all that apply to your practice
Website *
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Backup residency period *
Only check the number of months which you plan to stay. For example; if you want to stay for three months, here you would select the three months you would attend if your first choice is not available.
How did you hear of us? *
Would you like to be considered as a Mentor for a school student or to provide a class workshop in a primary or secondary school?
We have children usually between 15-17 years old who are interested in learning from artists, this is as a volunteer, on a casual 2 hours per week basis (or more if preferred). It can be discussing ideas or art/ists, teaching, or working on a project together. This is an indication of interest only, and we will see if there is a suitably matched student or class.
Have you sent us an email to with a copy of your CV, letter of intent and links to website/example of work? *
Please note that we are unable to review your application unless we receive this email. If you are a scholarship recipient please select N/A.
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