SIGCOMM Community Conferences Survey
As availability of vaccines begins to change the COVID-19 situation, the SIGCOMM Executive Committee is exploring how it can best support events with some return to in-person activities. The EC recognizes that we have learned a lot over the past year about what is possible to do virtually, that virtual conferences can lower barriers for participation, reduce impact on the environment, and that some in our community face permanent disruptions and changes which may be better served by virtual events. On the other hand, conferences are about creating opportunities for participants to share their ideas and projects, get feedback, reach to underrepresented communities, and promote a culture of education and diversity. Remote conferences may not be as effective as in-person on the points above.

To help us plan for the next few years, it would be very helpful to us if you can fill out this survey, to help us ensure we take actions that are in best support of the community. This form does not record your identity and all your answers will be completely confidential.
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QUESTION 1: What form of attendance would you prefer for our community conferences (e.g. SIGCOMM, IMC, CoNEXT) in 2022?
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QUESTION 2: What sort of safety policies or situations would enable to you to attend conferences in person?
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QUESTION 3: Before COVID, how often did you attend in-person conferences?
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QUESTION 4: Longer-term, what do you expect for your in-person event attendance?
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QUESTION 5: If COVID were to be completely eradicated, how would the existence of a "remote participation" option for conferences affect your attendance? Please check all that apply.
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QUESTION 6: The SIG is considering making all conferences' TPCs virtual, with the motivation to reduce carbon footprint, allowing committees to be more geographically spread, etc. In other words, future TPC meetings would be held online (e.g., on zoom, meet or team), instead of in-person. Would you support such a decision?
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QUESTION 7: (Optional) SIGCOMM thrives on diversity and we want to be on a continual lookout for situations that adversely affect underrepresented portions of our community. Your answer to this question may help us do this more effectively (check all that apply):
QUESTION 8: (Optional) Would you mind sharing with us what region/country you are located in?
QUESTION 9: Given what we've learned during COVID, it may make sense to make some changes to in-person conferences. What changes would you like to see to future in-person events?
QUESTION 10: Virtual/online events have been maturing, but still have some shortcomings. If Virtual/hybrid events are offered, what sorts of improvements would you like to see in them?
QUESTION 11: We thank you very much for providing us feedback. We will carefully read and consider all your feedback. Do you have any other comments for us (on this, or any other topic)?
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