2020 Innovative Schools Summit Las Vegas Program Proposal
We appreciate your interest in being a breakout presenter at the Innovative Schools Summit. Note that proposals will be evaluated based upon their relevance to the conference theme, clarity, uniqueness, practicality and perceived quality. Priority will be given to proposals that describe fresh and/or practical presentations containing useful recommendations, techniques and/or strategies. However, other types of proposed programs are also welcomed such as those focusing on relevant issues, theory, case studies or other types of research.

During the sessions, we caution presenters to avoid advertising programs, services or other products. We realize that it can be helpful for presenters to include descriptions and recommendations of programs or products. However, participants quickly develop a negative view toward a session if it is perceived as an "infomercial." Make sure ample time is given in your session to provide information that participants will be able to use when they return to their professional settings.

Please note that direct selling of any item at this conference (except as a paid exhibitor in the exhibit area only) without the express permission of the conference coordinator is strictly forbidden.
Please list your full name and credentials. If your proposal is accepted, we rely on this information to print in the event program.
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If your proposal is accepted, we rely on this information to print in the event program.
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Las Vegas, NV July 6th - 10, 2020
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Many attendees want/expect handouts to be available in advance via the Conference App. If you would like to make your handout available for download for conference attendees, please email a copy to aimee@accutrain.com (if a PowerPoint, please convert to a PDF with 3 slides to a page. If you have several documents, please combine them into 1 PDF document as there is only room for one attachment per session within the conference app.) We request handouts be submitted to the email address above at the same time as the proposal as it assists the committee in the selection process.
*NOTE: A handheld microphone and projector will be provided for each presentation. Any other AV equipment or hook-up may incur a rental charge to the presenter. If you will be using a laptop for your presentation, please bring your own. *
Please include a brief biographical sketch. If you have a link to a video of you/your team presenting, please include it here. *
I understand and accept that to present one or more breakout sessions at this conference, I will need to register as a participant and pay the registration fee on or before the deadline. Presenters whose proposals have been accepted will receive a discount off the registration fee, if paid on time. I understand that if my proposal is accepted, but I do not pay my registration fee before this date, then my program proposal status will be removed from the list of accepted proposals, and placed on a waiting list to be reconsidered if space is still available once payment is received.
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