Charm City Kitty Club Consignor Sign-Up
Charm City Kitty Club hosts 2-3 queer cabaret-style shows each year, attracting hundreds of LGBTQ and ally audience members. Beginning in 2016, CCKC is opening its doors up to local LGBTQ artisans who have handcrafted items they would like to sell before the show and during intermission.

Submit your Consignor Merch Form 2-weeks before the upcoming show and we'll take a look at what you have to sell. Our goal is to curate a select group of Consignor Vendors who offer a variety of unusual and high quality handcrafted merchandise that our Kitty audience members would be interested in purchasing.

Because venue space is limited at The Theatre Project, home to the Kitty Club, we cannot accept every Consignor Vendor who would like to sell with the Kitties. We will confirm with Consignor Vendors at least 10-days before the show if they have been selected to sell their merchandise.

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Consignor Option #1: Drop Off
* Consignors pre-pay a flat $25 fee, along with 10% commission of their gross sales to CCKC.

* Consignors must drop off their merch by 6.00 on Friday night. All items must be tagged and identified. An inventory sheet must be included with the drop off.

* CCKC will set up the merch at our CCKC merch table and handle all sales.

* Consignors must arrange to pick up their remaining merch either at the end of the Saturday show or within a week of the show. Merch that has not been picked up within one (1) week of the last night of the show will be donated.

* Payment for all sold merch will be made within two (2) weeks of the show.

* CCKC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged merch.

* Cost includes ONE (1) ticket to the Friday night show only.

Consignor Option #2: Sell Your Own
* Consignors pay a flat $35 fee. There's no commission fee.

* Consignors MUST bring their own card table and set up their own merch by 6.30 on Friday and Saturday nights. Tables may not be larger than 3' x 3'

* Consignors are responsible for selling and maintaining their own merchandise throughout both nights of the show.

* Consignors may leave their merch table set up between Friday and Saturday, but CCKC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged merch.

* Cost includes ONE (1) ticket to the Friday night show only.

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