Release of Liability
Leather and suede garments/accessories are susceptible to hazards inherent to the fact that are made of leather skins, and thus subject to variances in the tanning/manufacturing process. The customer should understand the following are some, but not all, possible risks when cleaning suede, leather, fur and accessory items.

Loss of color or change of color
Some dyes are soluble in cleaning. While we attempt to preserve the original color, some colors can not always be restored. Refinishing and coloring are included in the service. We do our best to return the garment to the manufacturer's original intent.
Imperfections in the skins: scars, tick marks, veins, wrinkles and texture variances can become more apparent after cleaning.

Skins over-stretched during tanning may relax after cleaning. Slight shrinkage is considered acceptable in the cleaning processes and customers can expect 2-5% shrinkage. All pieces are pressed and blocked to try to obtain the original dimensions of the garment.

Color Shading from adhesives
Glues used during construction that are not solvent resistant may seep through the leather causing dark areas.

Multicolored garments
Dyes may bleed onto adjacent leather, suede or fabric.
2pc outfits may not be made from the same hide or lot and color matching after cleaning cannot be guaranteed. Always clean both pieces together.

Some stains can not be removed without causing damage to the color, skins or fabric. There is no guarantee of stain removal.

All purses, handbags, footwear and other accessories
Most accessories do not contain a care label indicating a safe service method. All accessories are cleaned at the customer's risk only. Trims, hardware, multiple colors and fabrics make cleaning accessories a challenge; most items can be safely serviced, your consent and release is required.

     Possible risk for cleaning accessories include, but not limited to:
          Distortion or change of shape
          Shrinkage or relaxing of leather
          Color transfer or bleed out
          Leather may soften and lose some of its rigidness
          Stain removal is not guaranteed
          Color restoration is not guaranteed

Missing care label or no care label
All leather, suede and fur goods without care or content label are cleaned at the customer's risk only.

Liability of the dry cleaner and/or subcontractor is limited to the cleaning service charges and no more.
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I have read the statements and understand the risk involved in processing my items. I understand that this is not a comprehensive list of risks and other unforeseen occurrences are possible and may have not been stated. I release the dry cleaner and subcontractor from any and all liability for processing my items. I have completely read this form and understand the risk. By selecting below I agree to assume all liability. I understand that in the event that one or more of possible risks occurs that I am not entitled to compensation except for the cost of the cleaning service. *
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