Akashic Witchcraft Level 1
Level 1 begins with a three month introductory course which will cover three areas of discussion: a survey of religion, its history and impact on humanity, our personal stories and how they have shaped our own attitudes toward spirituality and religion, and the concept of Divinity and the impact our beliefs have on our ability to learn and grow in a study of Witchcraft.

The introductory class allows the student an opportunity to decide whether the course of study supports their personal goals and permits the teacher to evaluate the level of student commitment before making a more substantial investment of time and resources. While it would be ideal to have all students who start the introductory course succeed and begin the year-long study, there is no guarantee that all students will be selected. The criteria for acceptance into the year-long class is based on a number of factors: 1. openness to learning new ideas and concepts, 2. commitment to the required study practices, and 3. ability to perform, and compliance with, directives such as required homework and daily exercises.

The year long class is foundational and will address Witchcraft and its practices from the standpoint of ancient occult wisdom based in Hermetic Principles, as an art form and as a religious path. Specifically this study explores various types of energy, its use, methods of practice using psychic energy, mental discipline, visualization and meditation. Practical application training will include exercises to identify, project and empower energy, setting clear and focused intentions, intention rituals, meditation practices and spell work. Successful completion of this study is a prerequisite for Akashic Witchcraft Level 2.

All students must be 18 years of age to attend.

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