Middle School Eligibility in HS Events
Middle School (5-8th grades) students who have the capabilities of playing competitively and safely in high school games, and would be disadvantaged by staying in the middle school competition division may seek approval to compete in the high school season each year by filling out this form. State Youth Coordinators will approve players on a case-by-case basis.
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Email address of parent/guardian of player.
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Name of HOME high school this individual will likely attend. *
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Name of High School TEAM for which this individual wishes to play this season. *
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Height and Weight of player (approximate OK) *
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Have the parents/guardians of the player agreed that their child is safe to play alongside high school-aged players? *
As the coach or team organizer, do you feel that this individual will be able to play competitively and safely alongside high school players? *
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