AWE & PEEC Scavenger Hunt Questionnaire
Thank you for participating in the scavenger hunt, we hope you enjoyed it! Please complete the following questions to be entered for a chance to win either a $20 voucher to a PEEC program or a PEEC T-shirt and water bottle.
Email *
Zip Code *
Have you (or anyone in your group) ever participated in any of the following at PEEC? *
How often do you spend time outdoors? *
Almost never
Very Frequently
PEEC is located within the Delaware River Watershed. What is your perception of the health and cleanliness of the Delaware River? *
Do you think your actions play a role in the health and cleanliness of the Delaware River Watershed (or where you live)? *
PEEC participates annually in an event called "River Days" which is part of a larger initiative to encourage stewardship of the Delaware River Watershed. What kind of "River Days" event would you consider participating in? *
Did you learn something new while participating in the scavenger hunt? For example: "I learned several new species of plants in my area" or "I learned about a hiking trail in my area I'd never explored."
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