VNConf 2021 Talk Submission Form
Scheduled for Jan 23(tentative), 2021, starting at 11am Eastern Time (date/time is tentative).

Visual;Conference's 5th year is upon us! What is Visual;Conference? It's the original developer conference for people in the visual novel industry started in 2017.

While it'd be great if everyone could travel to one place, it's not realistic, so we're doing everything online on a Saturday! It will be an online-only webinar/conference featuring speakers who work on visual novels. (That's you!).

Whether you're a programmer, musician, artist, director, or translator, an amateur, aspiring pro, or industry veteran, come share your experiences with others. If you're not sure what to talk about, it's OK to have submit a broad topic idea now and refine/change it later. Submissions can be edited before the deadline.

Remember, people don't know what you know. Things that are obvious to you are new to most of the audience. Share your passion and your experience and you'll have a good talk.

* Talks should be no more than 20 minutes in length (5 minute Q&A time is SEPARATE from the 20min)
* Lightning talks should be no more than 5 minutes in length
* Submission deadline: Dec 6, 2020, 11:59pm, EST. Accepted talks will be contacted on or before Dec 21st.
* Multiple submissions are OK, but only 1 talk slot will be granted per speaker.

Which talk length should you pick?
- If you have a quick useful story, or 1 strong point you want to make, a 5min talk is ideal for you, and acceptance requirements are easier
- If you have a lot to cover, longer 20min talks are recommended, but more competition here

!! NEW: There are 2 talk submission pools! !!
* Private pool: This is the normal talk submissions. Entries are private and chosen by the conference organizers.
* Public pool: The talk proposal will be posted (anonymously) to a poll. The VN community will vote on the ones they want to hear. The top N winners will get a talk slot (N ~= 2 this year)
* You can submit the same talk to both pools, you can submit different talks to both pools, you can submit to either one pool if you wish.
* More details on this here:

Whatever happens, each person will only get 1 talk slot on conference day.

You can discuss the topics and talks, even coordinate and get feedback on the Visual;conference channel on Sekai Project's discord:

Any questions can be directed to
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