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Got something you'd like to share with the Understandably audience? We're trying something new: Signal Boost messages, which are 400-character (max) descriptions of things you wish we'd cover in the newsletter, or milestones you've reached, or recommendations — basically, useful items that the audience would legitimately be interested in.

* Preference goes to paid/premium members.
* Nothing political or controversial for controversy's sake.
* We reserve the right to decline to include any post for any reason whatsoever.
* This program might go on forever, or it might change, or it might end at any time.

(Please note—no matter what it says below, you do not have to sign into Google in order to fill out this form. That's only if you want to save your progress. With just a few questions, that's likely not necessary.)
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Founding, premium, and monthly members get priority. That's not to say I'll never include a free member's request; we have done so. But I consider this offer to be both a perk for subscribers, and as an opportunity to share good things with our audience.
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First, you represent that everything you've submitted is truthful. You understand that we are under no obligation to publish anything you submit, and we can decline to do so for any reason. Submissions that are published will be edited for length, clarity, and style. While we usually attempt to contact you via email and show you a preview of what your submission might look like, we can't always do so, and we aren't obligated to do so.
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