Speaker information for WSIS 2017 Digital transformation of education workshop
Thank you for accepting our invitation to contribute to the workshop organized by the Geneva Learning Foundation.

Please help us prepare a high-quality event by indicating your specific interest and commitment on this short form no later than 28 April 2017:

You will see that we have many ideas to showcase your projects and share your vision in the coming weeks. The pre-event activities of course aim to stir conversation in our networks around the SDGs (Target 4.7) and the digital transformation of education.

Of course, if you have committed to join the round table, we fully understand if you cannot contribute beyond this.

Event information page: http://learning.foundation/wsis

You will find information for speakers on this page: http://learning.foundation/wsis-speakers
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Tell us about your work around SDGs and digital transformation of learning
We are most interested in two kinds of contributions:

1) Specific projects and action that relate to SDG Target 4.7 (whether or not these refer explicitly to the SDGs or Target 4.7) and

2) Analysis, research, and other insights around the digital transformation of learning (whether or not it is related to the SDGs) that can help improve comprehension and define a common agenda and shared vision.
What are you thinking and doing around the SDGs (and specifically in relation to SDG Target 4.7)?
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What are you thinking and doing around digital transformation of learning, education and training?
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Ahead of the workshop
Please let us know how you wish to contribute to successful promotion of the event
We will follow up to work out details, content, deadlines, etc.
Workshop contribution
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The workshop format will be a round table discussion around key questions. We will use your response here and above to select these questions and ensure that every speaker will get to contribute.
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