Philadelphia GAA COVID-19 2021 Waiver
Everyone that enters the facility must have a signed waiver. If you have a child(ren) with you, a parent/guardian must also sign a waiver on the child(ren) behalf.
As a condition of Philadelphia GAA, by attending games whether to take part as a player, official or as a spectator at Philadelphia Sports Facility at Limerick, PA, I ____________________acknowledge the following: *
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There are dangers posed due to the potential spread of COVID-19 and related disease/virus/and conditions. Despite best efforts by the Philadelphia division to limit or prevent the spread of COVID-19, and despite implementation of appropriate CDC-recommended guidelines, the risk of infection cannot be reduced to zero. *
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I, acknowledge that by entering Philadelphia Sports Facility, there remains a risk of potential infection of COVID-19, not only to myself but to others, including family members who come into contact with me *
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I, agree to waive any right to file any lawsuit against Philadelphia GAA in the event that myself or any other member of my household contracts COVID-19, regardless of whether said infection is inadvertent or the result of carelessness or negligence on the part of the Philadelphia GAA. *
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I, promise to inform a member of the Philadelphia GAA Adult Committee if a member of my family contracts COVID-19 as well as inform them if anyone within my household is tested and pending results. *
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I, whether that is as a player, official or spectator will ensure to stay home if I or a member of my household are feeling anyway unwell and will contact their coaching team explaining the situation. *
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I, understand that points 1-5 also apply to my child(ren) who are with me at any event at Philadelphia Sports Facility, if applicable, please name below:
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