BFC volunteers live and work in the Yellowstone Ecosystem year-round, defending America’s last free roaming buffalo herds in the native habitat they’ve occupied continuously since prehistoric times. While here, you live in a communal setting and are expected to use your personal experience, common sense, education, and training to aid in the protection of these magnificent creatures. The complexity of issues surrounding bison harassment and slaughter means we must educate ourselves and the public constantly. Your orientation and training can take significant time, and for this reason we require a minimum 2-week commitment. We look forward to working with you to defend and protect this living national treasure.
• Daily Field Patrols
• Understand topography of region in regards to the bison migration and bison management plan.
• Observe/record bison and other wildlife movement and behavior.
• Document federal and state government actions affecting bison and other wildlife.
• Use, maintain, and protect documenting and communication equipment (radios, video cameras, optics).
• Conduct yourself in a professional manner in line with Buffalo Field Campaign’s views.
• Explain the bison issue to the public when encountered in the field.
• Help maintain a clean, safe living environment
• Chop wood, clean cabins, wash dishes, shovel snow, gardening, and much more.
• Contribute personal skills to maintenance or projects
• Repair equipment, vehicles, buildings.
• Help organize or create props for rallies/demonstrations.
• Organize or assist at informational shows or fundraisers.
• Gain understanding of buffalo issue and stay up-to-date on current/related developments
Volunteers live in a co-ed, communal setting in a rustic log cabin heated by wood stoves. Our headquarters is at 6,600 feet above sea level, and many volunteer activities are carried out it in harsh winter conditions, including heavy snow, wind, and sub-zero temperatures. Sleeping accommodations are in multiple rooms in our main cabin, and are either bunks or lofts accessible by ladder. We observe evening quiet hours, share meals prepared by our cooks, and complete daily chores. There is indoor plumbing, a shower, and a washer/dryer. Privacy is limited in the cabin, but solitude seekers can find all they need in the adjacent national forests.
Buffalo Field Campaign is dedicated to protecting wild bison 365 days a year. The campaign has seasonal openings for field volunteers and opportunities for every season. We take volunteers during the winter months when the buffalo migrate to lower elevation in search of forage, and there is a great need for volunteers in the spring when mothers venture to their traditional calving grounds outside the Park boundaries. During times of frequent bison management (i.e., daily hazing) or migration, your job as a volunteer is extremely demanding. When we are in the field around the clock we continue all of the daily household chores, plus we put in extra hours at mandatory meetings, etc. This level of activity is physically, mentally,
and emotionally exhausting. Your personal time and sleep will be limited.
Buffalo Field Campaign is located outside of West Yellowstone, Montana. Specific directions to camp will be provided if you are accepted as a volunteer.
All volunteers are provided room and board. We respect most diets: omnivore, wheat-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc. The campaign has field equipment you can borrow while you are here. Please remember that out here when you’re on patrol COTTON KILLS! We strongly advise you to bring wool, wool, and more wool clothing. Synthetic fibers also work well. Bring cotton for when you’re hanging out in the cabin, if that’s what you’re comfortable wearing.

Also recommended:
• Sleeping bag
• Long underwear (No cotton!!! bring polypropylene or wool long underwear!)
• Wool (socks, sweaters, pants, etc.)
• Water-proof Pac Boots (any good quality winter boots with a thick, soft, insulating, removable liner)
• A day pack (for snacks, water, and gear)
• Warm hat & gloves or mittens
• Wool pants or insulated ski pants
• Personal first aid kit (if you can)
• Camera, laptop, binoculars • Toiletries
• Postage stamps
• Personal food items the campaign does not reliably provide (chocolate, coffee, dairy products, juice, nuts, etc.)
• Vehicles for your personal use
• Cross-country skis or snowshoes
• MOST IMPORTANT: bring your genuine desire to save the buffalo!!

If you are not able to bring all of these things we have some gear that is available for you to check out during your stay.

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot accommodate new dogs in camp, although occasionally exceptions will be made. Please call ahead for details and written permission.

If you have questions please call our volunteer coordinator at (406) 646-0070 or email
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