Oslo Roller Derby Påmeldingsskjema nybegynnerkurs Fall 2019
Welcome to the Nybegynnerkurs!

Start date - 19. September
Cost: 1200 kroner (fee covers up to January)
+ a license (insurance) fee of 450 kroner (covers up to August 2020)
Sign-up deadline: 17. September

The Nybegynnerkurs includes:
- 2 hours of training on Mondays (18:30 - 20:30 @Skur 13)
- 2 hours of training on Thursdays (20.30-22.30 @Apalløkka)
- Opportunities to learn rules and NSO (non-skating official) at scrimmages on Tuesdays (20.30-22.30)
- Oppurtunities to practice skating skills on the side some Sundays at Haugenstua Idrettshall (10.00-14.00)
- Information and resources for off skates training.
- Access to a facebook group and Podio group for networking and support.
**** All training times are subject to change or be canceled due to hall availability. We try our best to get all your hours in.

How to enroll:
- Fill out the form below*
- Pay tuition fees by the deadline**
- Submit contract***

* The form also includes some questions about your ambitions in relation to training, so that coaches get a little overview of this.
** Course fee should be paid to the ORD account 1503.93.42887 - Remember to mark with your name and nybegynnerkurs. Send a screenshot of your payment for proof of payment to freshmeat@oslorollerderby.no so we don't have to wait on the banks. This way we can get you added in sooner!
*** Contract can be found here: https://goo.gl/xYDLHw. and should be sent to freshmeat@oslorollerderby.no.
**** Skaters will be required to have sport's insurance through Norge's Skating Association (https://nsf.klubb.nif.no/Sider/Hjem.aspx). This will help cover any injuries that may occur during training. More information will come for this later

All the above must be done in order to be considered a participant.

Don't have your gear? Contact Deng. You must have all protective gear to skate.

Under 18? Email freshmeat@oslorollerderby.no.

Velkommen på kurs!
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Man må være over 18 år for å spille roller derby i regi av ORD men for å starte nybegynnerkurset kan du være 16 år gammel. **Under 18? Send e-post til freshmeat@oslorollerderby.no for mer info.
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Would you like to become a member of Oslo Roller Derby Klubb (200nok) - meaning you will have access to the clubs forums and info with discussion, easier information on our activities and participation, you will become a member of the international governing body of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, get the right to vote and decide what the klubb does :) *
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