Ottawa Life Drawing Survey
The Ottawa Life Drawing Survey is a project of Atelier Denu to receive feedback from others in the Ottawa arts community and determine both how the artistic needs of our community are being met and also how to be more intentional in offering programming to meet those needs.

We will publish results of this survey in May.

Atelier Denu is a life drawing workshop that has run events throughout Ottawa and Gatineau since 2010.

In which neighbourhood do you live? *
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What are your pronouns? *
What is your experience with art? Check any statement that applies to you.
What, if anything, about life drawing appeals to you?
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Which of the following drop-in life drawing groups have you attended? *
Which of the following pre-registered life drawing groups have you attended? *
How frequently do you participate in a life drawing activity? *
What is the best thing about a life drawing group that you have attended?
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What is the most frustrating thing about a life drawing group that you have attended?
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What is your ideal length of time for a life drawing activity? *
Which time(s) of day would you enjoy attending a life drawing activity? *
Do you prefer drawing female or male figures? *
As for costuming and nudity, *
What improvements need to be made in body diversity within life drawing groups in Ottawa?
Would a life drawing activity with two or more models interest you? *
Would a one-week intensive of five consecutive evenings of life drawing appeal to you? *
Would attending one life drawing activity a week over the summer appeal to you? *
Would you be interested in an instructed life drawing workshop focused on the self portrait? *
What would you most like to see or experience in a life drawing workshop? *
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If you are interested in being invited to attend a life drawing workshop in line with your preferences, please provide an e-mail address.
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What do you wish we had asked?
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What else would you like to say?
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