KRRC Recreation Feedback
KRRC’s job is to take ownership of four PacifiCorp dams — JC Boyle, Copco, No. 1 & 2, and Iron Gate — and then remove these dams, restore formerly inundated lands, and implement required mitigation measures in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations. Learn more at

KRRC is undertaking stakeholder outreach to gather perspectives on:
A) What recreation facilities KRRC should consider for its recreation mitigation
B) Where facilties should be located
C) Which selection criteria should be used

*While KRRC cannot implement all of the suggestions, KRRC will document all ideas for future local recreational planning.
FERC will determine KRRC’s requirements for recreation mitigation.*

Please submit all feedback by May 30th

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What types of recreation facilities should KRRC consider for its recreation mitigation?
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Below you can tell us the specific locations you would like to see, either in general or for the types of facilities described above.
If you'd like to provide exact locations, find the location on google maps and click on the location. Google will tell you the latitude and longitude (ex. 41.723841, -122.638376). Copy and paste this into your answer below:
---> What particular locations would you like to see recreation facilities? (See above for directions)
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What concerns do you have about certain types of recreation facilities or locations?
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What else would you like KRRC to be aware of?
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