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the minimum fee for booking the room includes all food, drinks, and cocktails regardless of party size. monday thru thursday $750 min for four hours / friday and saturday $1000 min for four hours. there is no additional room charge. choose the day of week for your reservation *
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If you would like to screen a film during your stay, we have a list of all of our high definition films, and a list of streaming options here: please review the list and list
would you like us to reserve any desserts for your party?
would you like to bring in your own dessert for a $40 presentation and serving fee?
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would you like to have us prepare appetizers to be ready for you on the table upon arrival? Please refer to our dinner menu on the website and list your orders here.
would you like to offer a limited menu custom printed without prices for your guests? (recommended for parties of 12 or more to expedite service)
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if you are choosing a limited menu, please select three to five appetizer options and three to five menu options from our diner menu (on the website) and list them here. you can also call the restaurant or email us to discuss or for advice.
your rental opens the room for a four-hour period. would you like to book additional time at a flat rate per hour? *
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if you have any requests or questions not covered on on this form, please list them here. we will do our best to accommodate you in any way that we can.
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