People's Prom Trust Fund Application deadline Feb 16 2015

People's Trust Fund

:::::::::: The People's Trust Fund ::::::::::

THE PEOPLE'S PROM is the prom you never had in high school: it's a radical, community-oriented, anti-capitalist, queer, cross-dressing, gender bending, bike loving, slow dancing, big dress wearing, good time. The Prom is annual, it's in East Van, and it's always a fundraiser for creative resistance and direct action.

Other than a few thank you gifts, no one is paid to work prom. Everyone from the organizing committee, the people who cut out all the paper hearts, to the people cleaning up at the end are all volunteers. All funds raised goes towards the People’s Trust fund.

Anyone can apply for the People’s Trust Fund.

What kinds of projects have we funded through The People’s Trust Fund?

We've funded a lot of projects over the years. Some are:
The Torch: Igniting Resistance 2010 magazine
Under the Volcano
Grassroots Women – Women’s Liberation Studies course
Native 2010 Resistance project
Temporary Autonomous Shelter Collective
The Bus Riders Union
and countless smaller creative resistance projects

The PROM Fund is open to individuals, groups and organizations that challenge the current unjust economic, environmental and social systems while working towards social, economic or environmental justice. The trust funds exists to support projects that are often unable to obtain mainstream sources of funding. We support projects and initiatives that are achieved through creative resistance, direct action, education, andcommunity-building and creative actions.

This year The Peoples Trust Fund will be supporting individuals, groups & organizations that are engaged in creative resistance or civil disobedience projects that resist oil and gas development in BC (on unceded territories of Indigenous nations) .

Who can apply?
The People’s Trust Fund aims to support grassroots initiatives that focus on
a) direct action
b) community building and education
c) creative resistance
Any individual, groups or organization in BC is eligible. Indigenous individuals and groups are strongly encouraged to apply for the Trust Fund.

How is the funding Allocated?
Individual project grants will range from $200-$2500 depending on the scale of the project. All Trust Fund money must be used within 6 months of receiving it, otherwise the cheque will be stale-dated.
The Trust Fund cannot go towards: Overhead: staff costs, rent, utility bills.

Additional information.
How will applicants be evaluated? The People’s Trust Fund is overseen by the Prom Committee. Trust Funds are limited and shared between multiple community-based projects. The Prom Committee looks at the following criteria:
How would this initiative benefit the community?
Does it demonstrate creativity or uniqueness in the outcome?
How complete is the plan for delivering the activity?
Will this initiative have trouble getting funding from other sources?
Deadline: Feb 16, 2015. Must be received by 9pm.

Funds will be allocated to successful projects no later than April 15 2015.

Questions and applications can be directed to:
Please indicate Prom Trust Fund in subject line.

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