SCD Player Clearing House - Spring 2020
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Purpose and Rules Regarding this Clearing House
The South Central District(SCD) has created this form in an effort to ensure as many players that wish to play soccer are able to play soccer.

This form in ONLY for Authorized Club Representatives(ACR). Authorized Club Representatives(ACR) are individuals within a club that have been authorized by a club board member or executive to post to this form. This is not for a parent to post what they wish.

This form is to:
1) Enter players within their own club that wish to play but the club does not have a team on which they can play
2) Enter teams the club has formed that need more players
3) Make the connections required to ensure players can play

Clubs posting players on this site should only do if they have no room on the roster/team for the player. You should not be posting players you just do not wish to serve. You must first confirm with the players they are willing to play out of town.

Clubs posting teams on this site that need players should not post the request to simply recruit better players. If you have enough age appropriate players within your club then you are encouraged to use those players.

This form is only for the SCD clubs at this time. Please contact the SCD President if you wish to use this form and you are not a SCD club.

Teams being formed with players outside the town must adhere to any and all League and Tournament rules. This form does not exempt your teams from those rules.
After Submitting This Request You Will Receive An Email. YOU MUST RETAIN THIS EMAIL. In That Email Is The Link To Edit Your Response As You Fulfill Your Requests.
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When you are placing this request Please Mark This OPEN. When you fulfill your request Please Edit Your Response (KEEP THE EMAIL YOU RECEIVE WHEN ENTERING THE REQUEST) and Mark This CLOSED
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