USF VGC Spring 2018 Council Member Application
Hello everyone! The Video Game Club at USF is seeking new council members for the Spring 2017-2018 semester. All six officers are currently looking for ambitious and enthusiastic future leaders who feel passionately about contributing to the USF gaming community. Anyone who is a USF student, and a registered member of the club is eligible to apply for this position.

As a council member, you will take on the responsibilities that are delegated to you by your officer, or other officers. You must be prepared to be a team player, and efficiently and effectively complete club tasks assigned to you. In addition, you will be part of the voting council, and will help make decisions for the club. Meetings are once a week, and attendance and participation is expected.

The officers and e-board all work together to make VGC successful and fun for all of its members. Please do realize that being a part of the e-board takes a serious time commitment, but that it is also a very fun and rewarding experience! We are the largest student organization on campus and strive to make our club the best it possibly can be, and we expect that all of our council members share this goal!

If you are interested, please try to fill out this application by Sunday, January 15th, 2017 at 11:59pm.

After your application has been submitted, expect a message from an officer requesting further information.

Hope to see some new faces this semester!

*Please do not fill this form out more than once.*

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