What's Your Next Step?
At Renew we’re all about seeing "transformed lives in authentic community" believing that God invites us to walk more closely with him, to lay our burdens at his feet, and to learn all he has to teach us. As our good Heavenly Father, God also gives us the challenge we need - challenge perhaps to get up and move beyond a difficult moment we are facing, to realign our vision with his, or to invest ourselves in serving others He loves very much. We are a community committed to growing in Christ together. What will be your next step? Use this form as you discern what that might be - we’d love to help.
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Based on where I am in my faith + relationship to God through Christ, I think he may be inviting/challenging me...
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We’ll follow up with you about practical opportunities to take the steps you've named.
BONUS Questions:
If you've been with us at Renew will you lend your perspective?
Is there a topic, theme, or idea you’d like to learn more about as we study the scriptures?
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Are there things happening at Renew we should double down on / keep doing well?
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What growing edges do you see? Anything that could use some more attention/investment?
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Thanks again! We are so excited about the year ahead and what is in store for our church + community.
As always, find more info at: www.renewcarroll.com
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