VSB OA-HOW We Care List
This list is intended to provide OA-HOW 2-hour format members attending the phone meetings with a resource for reaching out to each other. Members working OA are welcome to add their contact information. If you do not work the OA-HOW 2-hour format, please answer "No" to this question in the survey.
Newcomer's, Returning and Struggling Lists
in addition to being on the regular We Care list, this information will be used to mail the individual's name, time zone, phone numbers and calling times out to people on the full We Care List, letting them know you want to receive Outreach calls. This will be sent out one time, under the heading you select. if you identify yourself as a Newcomer , Returning or Struggling These lists will be sent out within 1 to 2 weeks after you information has been entered in this survey.
I agree that this list will only be used to make OA-12 step calls and not to be used by you or shared with others for other purposes *
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What state/country do you live in? (Please write out the full name of the state)
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In what time zone do you live? *
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What is your cell phone #? (Please use the format 555-555-5555)
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Who is your cell phone carrier?
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What is your home phone #? (or Skype address if outside the United States)
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What are the best times to call you?
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What's your e-mail address?
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Are you currently working the OA-HOW 2-hour format?
Are you an OA-HOW 2-hour format sponsor?
What meetings do you attend?
Do you also want to be included on a one time Newcomer List, Returning List or Struggling List? This will be sent out one time, 1 to 2 weeks after your information has been entered. Please only select one option.
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