Tell us: What needs and challenges do you have when making investment decisions?
e27 aims to create ways to encourage smarter investment in this startup ecosystem, by giving every startup a fair chance at success. With TOP100, Echelon, Founders Drinks and, we have been connecting and educating founders and investments for the past 10 years. Moving forward, we would like to hear from YOU what you'd like to see from us for the next 10.

- The challenges you face in sourcing for deal flow/ deploying capital
- The obstacles you face in connecting with relevant startups
- The needs you have to keep up with the latest and understand emerging ecosystem trends

Thank you for helping the ecosystem grow, and for sharing your thoughts with us:

I work at a: *
Rounds I actively fund: *
Grade the effectiveness of each of the following approaches for sourcing potential investments: *
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Website Databases (eg AngelList, e27, etc)
Tech/startup conferences
Demo days
Personal referrals
Private investor platforms
News and media pages (ie.
Business Matching/Speed Dating services
Community meet-ups
List 2 pain points you've experienced when sourcing for deal flow: *
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What products or services (specific brands/names) do you currently use to make your job easier? *
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