Feedback form for Academy Event 12 - The Siege of Doomsprechen
Thank you to all of those who made this event possible, whether you played, monstered or crewed for us.

As you may know, we aim to run Academy events 3-4 times a year, so we're looking to identify what we need to do to make Event 13 an even greater success.

We would appreciate your assistance in letting us know what we did right, what we did wrong, and where you'd like to see the game go from here.

From both players and monsters, we'd also appreciate some IC feedback: an idea of what opinions and views the characters take home from the event.

Note that all questions are optional, but every bit of detail you can give will help us improve for next time!

(You can find these questions in a pdf file format here: or in raw text format here at

Feedback needs to be entered through this online form, but you can use the text file to get your answers ready before hand if necessary)

Did you Play, Monster or Crew the event.
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