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Are you willing to foster puppies? Puppies are very energetic and playful. Their bladders have not fully developed and need to be taken out every few hours. Puppies often are teething and will chew a lot. However, they are quick to learn and get along with just about anyone (cats,dogs, kids etc.) *
Are you willing to foster a special needs dog? "Special Needs" dogs need a little extra bit of TLC. They may be recovering from a surgery, an illness or an injury. They may be on medication or have a special requirement. Second Chance Dog Rescue will provide all medication and necessary veterinary treatment. *
Are you willing to transport your foster dog to an Adoption Event, if need be? They are typically on Saturdays. *
Are you willing to speak with potential adopters, once Second Chance has received and reviewed an application on your foster dog? *
Although Second Chance Dog Rescue will attempt to give an honest evaluation of temperament of any dog you are asked to foster, please understand that the history of a rescue dog may not be known and you may encounter some behavioral problems. Once placed in a new environment, most animals need an adjustment period and additional training in order to fit in to their new home. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide this adjustment period and training, and to be as flexible and understanding as possible during this time. *
TERMS OF FOSTER CONTRACT AND AGREEMENT: 1. I am 18 years of age or older. 2. I represent that all the answers provided in this Application & Contract are true and correct. 3. I understand and agree that any animal placed with me is for foster purposes, and I am not the legal owner of the dog. 4. I understand and agree that a home inspection by Second Chance Dog Rescue will be required before beginning my foster care activities. I also understand that this home inspection will be scheduled at the availability of Second Chance Dog Rescue's staff. 5. I consent to Second Chance Dog Rescue entering my residence to pick up, reclaim and/or transport any foster dog. 6. I understand and agree that I will return and deliver all foster dogs at appointed times for veterinary appointments and adoption events. 7. I understand and agree that I am responsible for obtaining medical treatments for the foster dog at the veterinarian designated by Second Chance Dog Rescue. I will make the foster dog immediately available for medical treatment by Second Chance Dog Rescue upon request. 8. I understand and agree that Second Chance Dog Rescue is entitled to recover all costs and expenses incurred by it in enforcing the terms of this Contract, including attorneys fees and court costs. 9. I understand and agree that I will act responsibly at all times with regard to the safety and health of my foster dog. I will not allow my foster dog to ride unrestrained in the car or to be off leash at any time. If my foster dog becomes injured while in my care, and I am found to be responsible for the injury, I agree to pay all medical / veterinary costs incurred as a result of such acts. 10. I hereby fully and completely release Second Chance Dog Rescue, its agents,employees, and other volunteers, from any claim, cause of action or liability,whether known or unknown, arising out of damage a foster dog in my care may inflict upon any person or property, for any illness of the animal, and for the transmittal of any illness or parasite to any other animal or person. *
ADOPTING YOUR FOSTER DOG: Fostering a Second Chance Dog Rescue dog is not a trial adoption. As long as you are fostering, you’ll be helping find a permanent home for the foster dog in your care.However, foster care providers do sometimes decide to adopt a dog they’re fostering. If you decide that you’d like to adopt your foster dog, we may choose to waive the application process. But you will be required to complete an adoption contact and pay the adoption fee in full at the time the contract is signed. You will then be responsible for providing all necessary care for that animal as part of your family for the remainder of the dog’s life. IN SUBMITTING THIS DOCUMENT, I DO HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE INFORMATION I HAVE PROVIDED IS TRUE AND ACCURATE, AND (1) THAT I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE APPLICATION AND CONTRACT PROVISIONS;(2) I WILL NOT REMOVE THE SECOND CHANCE DOG RESCUE I.D. TAG; and(3) I HAVE NEVER BEEN REPORTED FOR, CHARGED WITH, OR CONVICTED OF ANIMAL ABUSE OR CRUELTY.I UNDERSTAND THAT SECOND CHANCE DOG RESCUE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT OF THIS ANIMAL WHILE IT IS IN MY CARE.Being a foster family with Second Chance Dog Rescue is a rewarding experience, as you are helping us save another dog’s life. Thank you for completing our application and we look forward to working with you soon! *
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