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2024年4月22日(月)~4月27日(土)で開催されるJapan Sustainability Week 2024最後の目玉企画

大学間交流イベント」(4月27日 10:00-16:00 @東京大学駒場キャンパス KOMCEE West B1 MMホール)

各団体の活動内容を紹介・交流をした後、「CLIMATE FRESK」というworkshopを行います!

参加費 :無料(交通費等賄えませんので各自でお越しください)
 10:00〜10:30 アイスブレイク・Sustainability Weekについて
 10:30〜11:30 団体・個人の活動紹介
 11:30〜12:00 交流会
 12:00〜12:50 休憩(お昼ご飯はお持ちいただくか、会場付近のco-opなどでご購入ください)
 13:00〜16:00 Climate Fresk

To conclude Japan Sustainability Week 2024, the "Inter-university Exchange Event" will be held on April 27th 10:00-16:00 @ University of Tokyo Komaba Campus KOMCEE West B1 MM Hall.

This will feature a networking event bringing together students working on environmental and social issues from all over the country, including the collaborating universities of this event (University of Tokyo, University of Tsukuba, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology). After introducing and interacting with each organization's activities, we will hold a workshop called "CLIMATE FRESK"!

Please join us as we build a community of action-driven students across Japan!

Participation fee: Free (we cannot cover transportation costs, so please come by yourself)
Format: in-person only

For further details please check the website: https://preview.studio.site/live/xPORpKkKar/1

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交流会で団体・個人活動の発表を希望しますか?(一グループ10分まで、スライドあり)|Would you like to present your environmental sustainability-related activities? (Up to 10 minutes per group, with slides)  *
どの言語が堪能ですか?| Which languages are you fluent in? *
Climate Fresk に参加しますか?| Will you participate in the Climate Fresk workshop? *

This workshop will be held from 13:00~16:00 on April 27th! The climate fresk workshop is a 3 hour fun, collaborative and scientific workshop to educate about the causes and consequences of climate change. We hope this workshop will serve as a community building workshop and provide our student community with a common understanding on climate change. Please join us!
どこでこのイベントを知りましたか?| How did you find out about this event? *
大学間交流イベントに期待することはありますか。| What are your expectations for inter-university exchange events?
今後行ってみたい、参加してみたいイベントはありますか。| Do you have any event ideas for sustainability-related inter-university events that you would like to participate in?
本イベントに関してご質問等ありましたらこちらに記載ください。 | If you have any questions regarding this event, please write them here.
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