Friends of Sussex CASA - Enrichment Program
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The Friends of Sussex County (FOSC)  provides appropriate supplemental resources for client support, our children in Sussex County experiencing foster care.   Each year in January, the FOSC Board of Directors determines a budget to be used to assist our children in furthering their education, training or other needs as recommended by their CASA volunteer and CASA staff.  Any CASA with a child in the Sussex County Family Court Judge may apply for funds up to $250 per child per calendar year. All requests must be approved by FOSC before reimbursement will be granted.   More than one request per year may be submitted if the cost is under $250 if the total per child does not exceed $250 per year.

Gifts from Friends of Sussex CASA are intended to help children:
• Develop social skills – (for example board games, workbooks, special outings)
• Enhance learning opportunities (for example a tablet or laptop computer to aid in schoolwork (unless such equipment is provided by the school)
• Be physically active, learn or improve a physical skill, and/or develop ability to work in a team. (for example, sports supplies, dance supplies)
• Engage in an activity that may help them feel more “normal” (for example, a high school yearbook or getting an outfit for prom)
• Acquire necessary clothing or accessories (for example a warm coat or boots other clothing needs)

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FOSC aims to provide funding approvals within 3 days of requests. You will receive an email after your request has been reviewed.
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