10-Facility Survey
The Hansen School District Board of Trustees takes its responsibility of taxpayer dollars stewardship very seriously. As part of that stewardship, it is important that the Board regularly review facility needs. The board, staff, and community members have identified areas of concern and request community input to prioritize these items. Here is a brief description of each of these items:
High School Heating and Cooling - The high school building has an aging boiler and no air conditioning. When school starts in the fall, some classrooms have a temperature in the eighties in the morning, and the temperature increases throughout the day. The high temperatures make it difficult for students to focus and engage in learning.
High School Basement - Cafeteria and Locker Rooms - When the new high school was built in the 1990's, the basement remained. The district is beginning to have issues with the plumbing and sewer in this part of the building. Recently, when repairing a waterline, the pipe broke due to rust. There are also issues of rust damaging equipment in the cafeteria. Shower areas in the locker rooms are beyond repair.
Bus Barn - Hansen is one of the few districts in the Magic Valley that operates its own buses, yet there is no facility to perform maintenance on them.
Upgrade football field with new crow's nest and restrooms - For player safety, the football field needs to be leveled. The addition of an underground sprinkler system will reduce labor costs in the summer. We have had patrons request an upgrade of the crow's nest and addition of restrooms.

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Upgrade high school HVAC
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Upgrade the football field with new crow's nest and restrooms
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