BMNA Player Application - 2019 Metro League
Trial Date: Sunday 18th November
10:00am – 2:00pm (approx.)
Penrith Valley Regional Sports Centre, Herbert St Werrington

CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS & PAYMENT - 5pm Wednesday 31st October 2018

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Can you please advise if you have booked or plan to book holidays whilst the Metro League competition is on (April – September): YES/NO – Dates: *
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Please note that unless spoken to by selectors you will only be considered for the team or teams you have indicated.
Nomination Fee for Metro League Selections
Nomination Fee for Metro League Selections is $100.00 which is payable before selection trials commence. Upon selection the nomination fee becomes part of the total rep levy payable to Blue Mountains Netball Association for 2019 of $350.00. This covers your registration fees and entry to BMNA Dinner. This is not refundable and must be paid in full before start of 2019 Metro League Competition. This does not include uniform or other fees that may occur during the year.

Successful players will be notified individually by email within 7 days of selection trials.
Please ensure correct email address has been entered on application.

Payment Details:
Direct Debit: Blue Mountains Netball
BSB 062-601
Account No: 00900732
Ref: Players Name

If unsuccessful the nomination fee is refunded in full. Unsuccessful applicants are required to supply banking details for refund to be processed. Where a selected player withdraws after selections the nomination fee is forfeited.

I agree and understand the payment structure for Metro League Selections *
By signing my name below, I understand the above selection conditions. I agree that if I am selected it is compulsory for me to attend the relevant commitments that will be notified to all players. I am aware that if I decline selection in a team that I have indicated and been selected for, I will be ineligible for all BMNA Representative Selections until 2021. *
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