Digital Discussions April 20th - June 1st 2021 | A Virtual Group for Teens & Adults of All Abilities
While communicating in our world of technology provides many opportunities for connection, it also poses new challenges. Digital communication has increased significantly since Covid-19 and is a crucial skill for our generation. Digital Discussions is created and led by speech-language pathologists along with a dynamic team of student leaders. Using a variety of teaching techniques in a small group setting, we learn to safely navigate modern communication during this fun, virtual experience with teens and adults of all abilities.

The group includes whole group instruction as well as individualized support. Visuals, step-by-step explanations, role-playing and a carefully catered approach to teaching these important communication methods and concepts are utilized to best serve different learning styles and abilities.

Topics include:

Group messages
Social Media
Internet Privacy & Safety
Video Calls 
Virtual Platforms
Starting, maintaining and ending conversations
Schedule Changes
Group Chats
Cellphone Calls
Setting boundaries

65 minutes
Tuesdays, April 20th - June 1st 2021 | 5:30 pm

Cost for Session: $32/gathering | 7 week session

**After you register, you will receive a follow up call from our team to complete the onboarding process.**
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